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About Us

Guru Wood is a company that sells elegant and durable wooden furniture items and various wooden accessories that can add classy appearance to your office or home. The most important aspect about out products is that they are made out of sustainable wood.

Our company has its own strict set of principles to adhere to the concept of sustainable wood and we go beyond that. For every product purchased at our store, we plant a tree. So far, we have planted a massive number of trees and we are so proud about our contribution towards a greener world.

All our products are manufactured using perfect craftsmanship. The stylish appearance of our products can make your office or home a better place. Also, we help our clients to maximize their contribution in building an eco-friendly future for the generations to come.

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Guru Wood - FAQ
Q. What is sustainable wood?
A. Sustainable wood is the wood that originated in forests that are managed sustainably. In fact, the wood that are extracted from sustainable forests deliver long-term benefits for the next generations.

Q. Why should I prefer sustainable wood?
A. If you purchase sustainable wooden items, you contribute to preserve the ecosystem. Also, buying sustainable wood encourages increasing the forest density. In fact, the companies that are engaged in sustainable wood business plant more trees compared to felled trees.

Q. Why should I buy wooden accessories without opting to plastic?
A. The most notable benefit associated sustainable wood is that they help making a greener future. However, they have a very unique appearance and finishing as well. The texture of wooden items is truly unique. That means, each sustainable wooden item comes with own design. Also, the classy appearance of wood is unmatchable. Plastics generally look cheaper compared to wood and if you want to increase the appearance of your office room, wooden items are more suitable.

Q. Are wooden items durable?
A. Of course yes. Wooden items are sturdy, long lasting and strong. They don’t easily chip away and they are resistant to heat.

Q. Are wooden accessories and furniture expensive?
A. In a shortened form, NO. Although they are not the cheapest, wooden furniture gives the best value for the money you invest on them.

Q. Can I buy sustainable wooden accessories online?
A. Yes. You can buy our furniture online. All you need is to visit our products page and then select the preferred product and make the payment. Your item will be shipped to your doorstep (conditions apply).

Q. Is wood a good choice for phone chargers and other phone accessories?
A. Yes – wood is a very good option because they are shock proof.