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Wooden Flip iPhone Case

This beautifully crafted bamboo wooden case combines aesthetically pleasing looks with a durable casing to provide eye-catching protection for your phone. The case is made from solid wood, complete with its own unique grain finish to ensure every case has its own individual flair.

Being a flip-over case your screen will be fully protected by the soft fabric on the inside, and the magnetic cover attaches to your phone instantly and comfortably. It also attaches to the back when folded so it is nicely tucked away when making a phone call. You’ll find the wood tactile and smooth to the touch, and see it change beautifully with age from every-day use.

Cut-outs in the case shell ensure you can still take photos, charge and reach all of your phone’s buttons while it’s in this case. By folding the case, it can also act as a stand. Due to its clever design and snug fit, you will have solid, beautiful protection for your phone without the case being bulky or heavy.