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Wooden Qi Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Say goodbye to tangled cords and save your money spent on buying USB-C / lightning cables and protect the charging port of your new phone by without having to constantly plug and unplug. With wireless charging, power is always on your side, every moment you can just pick up your phone and ready to go.

This minimalist wood grain-decorated stand features two coils for both horizontal and vertical phone placement of different brand. When putting your phone on the charger, this fast wireless charging stand will juice up your device from the dead to full at a higher speed, which is faster than standard wireless charging pad.

The top printing technology is adopted on the surface, non-solid wood. You can charge your phone vertically or horizontally, which means you can enjoy movie and music, making calls or sending messages without interrupting while charging.

  • Compatible With: iPhone and Android with wireless charging capability
  • Material:Wooden
Detailed Specifications:
  • Overall dimensions:11cm x 9cm x 9cm (4.31in x 3.54in x 3.45in)
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.